How Much Are TiviMate Premium Account Cost (Subscription Price)

Today’s fast-paced digital entertainment makes streaming your favorite video easier and more exciting. Popular app TiviMate brings the best TV to your phone. TiviMate Premium, how to log in, prices, and free accounts are covered in this article.

Describe TiviMate

TiviMate is a robust IPTV player that streams live TV, on-demand media, and your favorite shows. As a one-stop shop, this streaming app supports multiple IPTV providers.

The TiviMate Premium Experience

TiviMate Premium enhances TV viewing, while Free is free. You may escape advertising and utilize premium features with TiviMate Premium.

TiviMate Premium login

Log in to TiviMate Premium using these steps:

  • Download TiviMate from your device’s app store.
  • Launch the app. TiviMate app launch.
  • To access settings, click the gear symbol in the top-right corner. Tap to open app settings.
  • Select “Accounts.” Scroll to “Accounts” under settings.
  • Select “Add Account”: Tap “Add Account.” under Accounts.
  • Enter Your Information: Provide your IPTV URL, username, password, and more. Enter your TiviMate Premium credentials.
  • Save Your Account: Save your data after entering it.

Add TiviMate Premium to get premium features and ad-free experience.

How Much are TiviMate premium Account Cost?

TiviMate Premium has no advertisements and more features, but how much? The low monthly cost of TiviMate Premium makes it ideal for TV fans. Recent data says TiviMate Premium costs $4.99/year.

Free TiviMate Premium Account

You may get TiviMate Premium account for free. Free TiviMate Premium is available without trials or promos.

Follow these:

  1. TiviMate occasionally provides Premium free trials. Check their website and social media for free trials.
  2. Referral Programs: TiviMate offers free Premium membership for referring friends and family. See their website or app for program details.
  3. Community Promotions: TiviMate occasionally holds contests and freebies for its loyal users. Event participation may earn a free Premium account.
  4. Holiday and Promotional Offers: TiviMate may provide special deals. Look for free Premium accounts.

Is TiviMate Premium Worth It?

The next question is if TiviMate Premium is worth it after knowing how to get it and its pricing. Many customers value TiviMate Premium for these reasons:

  • Ad-Free Experience: TiviMate Premium eliminates ads for uninterrupted content viewing.
  • Premium memberships offer exceptional capabilities like live TV recording and catch-up on missed programming.
  • TiviMate Premium costs less than other streaming services, giving it an inexpensive option for people seeking to enhance their TV experience.
  • Flexibility: Use TiviMate with multiple IPTV providers to choose your preferred provider.
  • User-Friendly Interface: TiviMate’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing you to find your favourite material.
  • TiviMate receives regular updates to enhance performance and introduce new features, ensuring the most incredible experience.


In conclusion, TiviMate Premium provides a cost-effective and enjoyable TV experience with enhanced functionality. TiviMate Premium is worth every penny at its low price, but free trial offers, referral programs, community promotions, and special deals can give you free access. TiviMate provides a great IPTV experience whether you buy Premium or use a free trial. Happy streaming!


Q1:Tivimate Premium Account—what is it?

A1: Tivimate Premium Account is an IPTV Player software subscription. Tivimate lets you watch live TV, catch up, and use EPGs on your Android TV, Fire TV, or mobile device. Users have better viewing features with a Tivimate Premium Account.

Q2: How much is a Tivimate Premium Account?

A2: Tivimate Premium Account prices vary. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available through Tivimate. The region might also affect pricing. For the latest pricing, visit the Tivimate website or app store.

Q3:Can I acquire a free Tivimate Premium Account?

A3: Tivimate offers a free app with rudimentary functionality; a Premium Account costs money. Some promotions or trials give free premium services for a limited time. Check official Tivimate announcements for similar opportunities, although premium features require a subscription.

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