Tivimate EPG Not Working (How To Fix) 2024

TiviMate is a famous Android IPTV player that streams your favourite TV shows and playlists. Like any program, it might have faults, and the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) often needs to be fixed. Beginners shouldn’t worry! In this complete guide, we’ll help you select the TiviMate EPG not working issue and return to watching IPTV.

Understanding EPG

The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) must be understood before troubleshooting. The EPG shows current and forthcoming TV shows. You are knowing what’s airing and when makes finding and watching your favourite shows more accessible.

How To fix TiviMate EPG?

1.Check Your Internet Connection.

TiviMate needs a stable internet connection to load EPG data. Connect your gadget to the internet and make sure it works. For better Wi-Fi stability, reboot your router or use a connected Ethernet connection.

2. Install The Latest TiviMate

Older TiviMate may not work with the EPG. Check the Google Play Store for TiviMate updates and updates to the newest version. App developers deliver updates to fix bugs and boost performance.

3. Refresh Playlist

Sometimes, playlist issues cause EPG not to work. In TiviMate, refresh your Playlist:

  • Open TiviMate.
  • Navigate to Playlist.
  • Select your Playlist and “Refresh” or “Reload.”
  • It will download the newest IPTV data from your provider and fix EPG difficulties caused by old or erroneous data.

4. Check The EPG Source

IPTV usually delivers EPG data. Check TiviMate’s EPG source if the EPG doesn’t work. So how:

  • Open TiviMate.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “TV Guide.”
  • For “EPG Source,” insert your IPTV provider’s URL.

5. Check Subscription Status

EPG data may be unavailable if your IPTV subscription has expired. Contact your provider to verify your subscription.

6. Clear Cache

TiviMate may malfunction due to cached data. Follow these steps to clear the cache:

Go to Android Settings.

  • Choose “Apps” or “Application Manager.”
  • Find TiviMate and tap.
  • Choose “Storage.”
  • Click “Clear Cache.”
  • After deleting the cache, open TiviMate and test the EPG.

7. Reboot Device

App difficulties can be fixed by rebooting. After restarting Android, open TiviMate and test the EPG.

8. Contact IPTV Service Provider

Contact your IPTV provider if the EPG needs to be fixed after all the preceding methods. They may be having technical troubles or know about EPG data supply interruptions.

9. Consider Other EPG Sources

Your IPTV’s EPG source may be faulty or down. To get program guide data, try other EPG sources. Explore your service provider’s EPG sources or use third-party EPG providers to import guide data into TiviMate.

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Tivimate EPG Not Working

Common Questions:

Q1. What is EPG data?

EPG, or Electronic Program Guide, indicates what’s airing and coming up on TV. IPTV programs like TiviMate display program details using EPG data.

Q2. Why is TiviMate not updating my EPG?

The EPG in TiviMate may not update due to internet connectivity issues, old app versions, playlist errors, wrong EPG source settings, or IPTV service provider issues.

Q3. How often should I refresh my TiviMate playlist?

IPTV providers determine playlist refresh frequency. Some providers recommend refreshing the Playlist every few hours to guarantee you receive the latest content.

Q4. Does TiviMate support third-party EPG sources?

TiviMate supports third-party EPGs. If your primary source is faulty or unavailable, import EPG data from other suppliers.


TiviMate EPG difficulties might be frustrating, but with the appropriate troubleshooting procedures, you can typically fix them and enjoy your IPTV programming with a fully functional program guide. Check your internet connection, update your app, refresh your Playlist, validate your EPG source, and consider alternatives. If nothing works, contact your IPTV provider. Happy streaming!

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