TiviMate Recording [Using Tivimate to Record]

Are you ill and tired of being too busy to watch your favorite TV episodes or movies? TiviMate recording can support you with this problem. You can record your approved TV shows, movies, and even live events with TiviMate, both free and premium, and view them at a later time. Everything you want to know about TiviMate recording, from its capabilities to how to use it efficiently, will be covered in this comprehensive guide.

Features of TiviMate Recording

You can freely record and handle your favorite TV episodes and movies using TiviMate’s many recording selections. Here are some of TiviMate’s recording options:

Handwritten Records:

You can hand-record any live TV program or movie with TiviMate. Directly choose the channel you want to record, and then force the record button to do this. You can observe the recorded information later because it will be kept on my device.

Planned Recording:

You can schedule your recounting in advance with TiviMate. To schedule a recording, all you want to do is select the channel and the time you prefer to catch the program or movie, and TiviMate will do the rest.

Recording a series:

You can automatically record an entire TV series with TiviMate’s series recording capacity. Simply select the TV show you wish to record, and TiviMate will start automatically recording all episodes.

Tivimate smb recording:

 With the support of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, users of the TiviMate software can record television shows and extra content onto a network-attached storage (NAS) device or a shared file on their local network. By allowing users to save their preferred TV shows, movies, or live broadcasts straight to a remote site, this character improves the functioning of TiviMate and makes it available for later watching or archiving.

TiviMate is a helpful tool for TV aficionados who want to build a personal media collection because it uses SMB to deliver seamless interoperability with a variety of network storage explanations.

You can also check TiviMate Premium APK.

How to record IPTV With TiviMate?

The well-known IPTV player Tivimate enables you to stream tools from your IPTV service supplier and watch live TV. Even though Tivimate doesn’t have a built-in recording feature, you can still record IPTV material with the aid of third-party software or equipment. Here is a rapid explanation of how to achieve it:

You may complete the IPTV recording process in only a few clicks.

  1. Install iTop Screen Recorder on your PC by downloading it.
  2. Open your IPTV app and select the live channel or program you want to record.
  3. Start iTop Screen Recorder, then tag Screen in the Record menu.
  4. Three seconds into the countdown, a tiny control bar appears.

TiviMate Recording

Tivimate Recording Issue:

  • Storage Room.
  • Data Format
  • Stability
  • TiviMate update
  • Outside Storage
  • Remove Cache
  • Reinstall

After trying these procedures, if your recording points persist, you might want to contact TiviMate support or search online meeting boards for more detailed troubleshooting guidance. Also Read TiviMate M3U playlist.

Tivimate Recording Storage:

You may stream equipment and view live TV channels with the Android app Tivimate. Moreover, it offers a recording choice that allows you to maintain TV episodes for later viewing. When you use Tivimate to record content, the recordings are commonly kept on the storage of your smartphone. Tivimate recordings may be put up in a different section depending on your device and how the app is built.

Tivimate recordings are, however, frequently kept in the following places:

  • Internal Disk Space
  • SD Card: External Storage
  • NAS, or network attached storage
  • Online Storage

Tivimate Recording Firestick

Can a Firestick record IPTV?

Force the MENU button on the remote control while streaming equipment. The TV screen’s lower right angle will display a list of choices. Scroll down the list of choices and click “Record” to start recording news to the Fire TV Stick’s internal storage.

Can a Firestick be used to record TV shows?

The Firestick’s built-in recording feature makes it simple to like your favorite TV shows and movies. A screen recorder, a built-in DVR, or another device are just a few options for free recording on Firestick. ITop Screen Recorder is among the top third-party apps for Firestick recording.


You may view your favorite TV shows and movies whenever you want with TiviMate recording. TiviMate is a great option for anyone wishing to improve their IPTV viewing experience because to its many recording features and user-friendly UI. You can use TiviMate recording in an effective and efficient manner by according to the guidelines and instructions provided in this article.

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