How to Pay for TiviMate Premium Account 2024

Several well-liked techniques exist for converting your Tivimate free membership to a Tivimate Pro account. Enjoy the premium Tivimate backdrop ad-free.

First Approach: App Purchases

To pay for TiviMate Premium, the easiest and fastest option is an in-app purchase. You can accomplish this straight from your smartphone’s TiviMate app. Open the TiviMate app, go to the settings menu, and choose “Upgrade to Premium” to make an in-app purchase. A popup to confirm the transaction and enter your payment information will appear.

Technique: PayPal

PayPal is an additional method for acquiring TiviMate Premium. Proceed to the TiviMate website and choose the “Upgrade to Premium” option to achieve this. The goods and the purchase confirmation must be sent to your PayPal account. You can also put up a Tivimate Playlist.

Third Option: Credit/Debit Card

TiviMate Premium can also be paid for with a credit or debit card. To do this, go to the TiviMate website and click the “Upgrade to Premium” link. You will be asked to confirm the trade and input your card information.

The Approach: Bitcoin

end  but not least, TiviMate also takes bitcoin as payment for the app’s premium edition. To do this, go to the TiviMate website and click the “Upgrade to Premium” link. The bitcoin wallet address where you want to receive the invoice and confirm the purchase must be entered when prompted. Review the price of Tivimate Premium.

How to Upgrade Your Tivimate Account

To have access to the extra features and choice streaming quality, you must upgrade your account after purchasing TiviMate Premium. To achieve this, launch the TiviMate app, click the “Upgrade to Premium” option from the settings menu. The activation code that was given to you after your purchase must be entered when needed. Your account will be upgraded and you will have access to all of the premium features after you have input the code.

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Benefits of TiviMate Premium Account

  1. No-Ad Streaming

Ad-free streaming is one of the main advantages of upgrading to TiviMate Premium. You won’t see ad interruptions when using the premium version to view your preferred content. 

  1. A higher standard of streaming

Additionally, TiviMate Premium provides better streaming quality with faster loading times and access to greater resolutions. This can lessen buffering and enhance your streaming experience in general.

  1. Extraordinary Qualities

Additionally, TiviMate Premium has extra functions that are not present in the app’s free edition. These include the option to schedule recordings, record live TV, and use the app across various devices. Possibly, Tivimate Companion needs to be downloaded as well.

  1. Priority Suppor

Premium users additionally get access to the TiviMate premium support staff and priority support. This can make sure that any problems you could run across are fixed swiftly and effectively.


Your streaming experience can be significantly enhanced by upgrading to TiviMate Premium, which offers ad-free streaming, increased streaming quality, extra features, and priority support. With the range of accessible payment methods, including in-app purchases and PayPal.


What forms of payment are available for TiviMate Premium?

PayPal and credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) are accepted forms of payment for TiviMate Premium.

Is it possible for me to pay for TiviMate Premium monthly or annually?

Yes, TiviMate Premium provides options for both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

How do I stop paying for TiviMate Premium?

By visiting the “My Account” section of the TiviMate Premium website, and then following the instructions to cancel your subscription, you can do so.

Will my TiviMate Premium membership renew on its own?

Yes, unless you decide to discontinue your subscription, TiviMate Premium subscriptions renew themselves automatically.

Can I cancel my TiviMate Premium subscription and obtain a refund?

TiviMate Premium subscriptions normally do not qualify for refunds, but if you need assistance, get in touch with TiviMate Premium support.

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